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CORONA CORPORATION celebrated our 80th year in business in 2017.
In commemoration of the company's 80th year since its establishment, we produced a video introducing our history, events and business activity.
Please have a look at our video here.

CORONA CORPORATION's 80th Anniversary Video
Apr. 1937 Tetsuei Uchida founded a factory in Sanjo, Niigata Pref. to manufacture kerosene cooking stove.
Jul. 1950 Established Uchida Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Sep. 1955 Started production of the first pressure type kerosene heater in Japan.
Aug. 1958 Built a factory in Nagaoka and started production of shaping machine.
Oct. 1958 The Sanjo factory for pressure type wick up-down kerosene cooking stove production was approved by JIS (Japan Industrial Standard).
Sep. 1959 Built a factory in Kashiwazaki and started production of shaping machine.
Nov. 1959 The Sanjo factory for pressure type kerosene heater production was approved by JIS.
Nov. 1974 The founder Tetsuei Uchida was awarded the third class order of the sacred treasure for his contributions to an improvement of people's life in Japan.
Feb. 1979 Entered into air conditioner market.
Aug. 1979 Started distribution of fan heater.
Jun. 1981 Started distribution of kerosene water heater with bath furnace.
Jul. 1984 Heater with floor heating function was launched.
Aug. 1987 Invented hand clean tank applied to portable kerosene heater.
Dec. 1990 Established Arai Corona Co. in Arai city, Niigata, to expand air conditioner production.
Mar. 1991 Built R & D Center in head office.
Apr. 1992 Merged Uchida Manufacturing Co., Corona Sales Co., and Corona Distribution Co. into Corona Corporation.
Jan. 1996 Built R & D Center in Kashiwazaki.
Nov. 1996 Listed on Niigata Stock Exchange.
Sep. 1997 Started distribution of detachable warm water fan heater.
Oct. 1997 Launched air conditioner generates negative ions for healthy environment.
Mar. 1998 Started distribution of automatic fuel supply system for apartment houses.
Jan. 1999 Sanjo factory obtained ISO 9001 certification.
Mar. 2000 Listed on the second market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Apr. 2001 Started production of Eco Cute.
Jul. 2003 Built New Energy Research Center.
Nov. 2005 Head office, Sanjo, Kashiwazaki and Nagaoka factories obtained ISO 14001.
Mar. 2006 Listed on the first market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Apr. 2007 Celebrated 70th year in business.
Sep. 2008 Launched far-infrared electric heater, "Core Heat".
Aug. 2008 Started selling nano-mist sauna, "Nano Rich".
Feb. 2009 Started selling heat-pump type warm water and warm air room heating system, "Eco Dan".
Jan. 2010 Added new manufacturing building to Nagaoka factory.
Oct. 2010 Production Division was awarded the Deming Application Prize.
Oct. 2011 Started selling nano-mist generator for health and beauty care, "nanorefre".
Jun. 2012 Started selling geothermal heat pump air conditioning system, "GeoSIS Air Conditioner".
Nov. 2012 Started selling multifunctional humidification device, "nanofeel".
Sep. 2013 Started selling nano-mist generator for health and beauty care, "refrepro".
Sep. 2014 Started selling geothermal and air heat hybrid hot-water heating system, "GeoSIS HYBRID".
Oct. 2016 Launched wall type far-infrared heater, "Wall Heat".
Apr. 2017 Celebrated 80th year in business.
Sep. 2019 Started selling natural circulation type electric heater, "NOILHEAT".
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