Heating Appliances

Patented Hand Clean Tank

Kerosene Fan Heater Made in Japan

- For indoor use only.
- Our fan heater can heat up a whole room from below because fan blows out warm air.
- Since the room air is stirred and mixed by fan, it's superior in quickness of warming.
- These fan heaters are easy-to-use products which include convenient functions, such as an automatic switch-on timer and a temperature control.
- The surface of unit is not too hot, and the flames also are out of sight. So, it's a safe product.
- Users can easily move and use the heater in any rooms if there is a power socket.

  • Odor Control System
    • Odor-cutting mechanism (FH-6747/FH-7747)
    • Soft ignition system
    • Brake-fan control
  • Low Noise During Operation
  • Energy Saving Function
    • Eco (save) mode (FH-2506/FH-6003)
    • Eco (mild & save) mode (FH-6747/FH-7747)
  • Hand Clean Tank (FH-2506/FH-6747/FH-7747)

Portable Kerosene Heater Made in Japan

- For indoor use only.
- No need electrical power supply.
- It is easy to move kerosene heater from a room to another room because of its light-weight and compact size.
- These heaters can be used for simple cooking, such as boiling or stewing.
- Simple operation.
- Low fuel consumption.
- Less odor and soot.

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