Portable Kerosene Heater RX-29W

- Easy to adjust the range of heat volume by turning a big knob.
- Enables to adjust minute heat volume from maximum to small.
- Tell the time of refueling with "Fuel Sign".

Product Specifications

Dimensions (H) x (W) x (D) 46.7 x 61.8 x 32.4 cm
Net weight 9.1 kg
Heater type Radiant
Heating output Max. 9,800BTU/h / 2.87kW / 2,470kcal/h
Min. 7,800BTU/h / 2.29kW / 1,970kcal/h
Fuel consumption rate 0.279 - 0.223L/h
Fuel tank capacity 5.0L
Continuous hours of heating Approx. min. 17.9-max. 22.4 hours


Anti shock automatic shut-off device Yes
Battery ignition system Yes (Ignition of the wick without tilting the burner)
Type of fuel tank Removable
Wick Glass wool
Base color Dark wooden grain, White
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